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No Tricks, Just Treats.

A few weeks ago, we got a request from our neighbor Miss Shi: ‘Will you please host a workshop on the fashion of Tokyo?’ She knows just how much we love it! Without any hesitation, we agreed. Sharing is caring, and we are continuously treated so well by those cities and people whom we like. So, why not? 

Some cities offer towering skycrapers, others are blessed with amazing food scenes, but Tokyo stands out by inspiring us relentlessly. We are always full-to-the-brim with new ideas after our trips to this special city. 

Take Mina Perhonen, a designer brand from Tokyo. When we were preparing our presentation, we were lucky that Professor Harry from Finland paid us a visit, just by chance. ‘Mina Perhonen, do you know the meaning? It translates to ‘I’m a little butterfly,’ in Finnish.’ Their iconic logo, an elegant butterfly extending its wings, suddenly made sense to us. ‘This is a Finnish brand, isn’t it?’ Professor Harry asked. How interesting, we thought. It isn’t, it is a Japanese brand. 

Professor Harry pointed to the intricate detailing of the fabric: the flowers, the leaves, the birds. ‘We want to talk about this brand in our workshop because we were told that it fuses Finnish-inspired aesthetics with Japanese craftsmanship. The designer once said in an interview carried out by the Japan Times that he was strongly drawn to the Scandinavian lifestyle on his first visit to Finland.’ we stated. ‘Well, then I think the designer loves Finland from the bottom of their heart. When we were children, our summer homework would always be to collect hundreds of different leaves from the woods. Finnish children are trained to love nature. These patterns are the artistic representation of what we collected during those summers,’ replied Professor Harry. This unexpected conversation with Professor Harry helped us admire the brand even more than we thought possible; our infatuation is still unexplainable. We continue to follow it because of the consistency within its details. 

Our workshop was met with popularity. What we thought would be a one-time thing, became two, three and then four events, during which one of our regulars, Oliver, shot some videos voluntarily. Oliver is a professional cameraman who comes to see us almost every day, spoiling us with homemade pasta and cake. Lock Chuck to him is a safe haven in town, a place where he can focus on his work intensively, whilst enjoying a chatty cigarette break with our other regulars whilst their laptops remain untended on the communal table. We treasure this reciprocating trust and love. 

As Hallowe’en arrives today, we think about treating rather than tricking. We are lucky enough to be treated so well by the cities and people around us, and we are always enthusiastic to show our love back. Once again, our new seasonal drinks are to roll out this weekend. A pop-up store in the city centre will greet you warmly this December. In the upcoming weeks, you will see four amazing adverts for this pop-up shot by Oliver and our best friend Seiji. What’s more, special pinbages designed by Evan will be on sale during the pop-up. Last, but not least, we are ready to bring a new installation into our store in December. Our annual Christmas party will be more fun than ever before. 

Stop by and pay us a visit. Here at Lock Chuck, there are no tricks, but endless treats in-store for you.



比如Mina Perhonen,我们最爱的东京设计师品牌之一。当我们在准备这次的分享会演讲时,来自芬兰的教授Harry恰好也重返广州,来到LOCK CHUCK。“你知道Mina Perhonen是什么意思吗?在芬兰语中,他的意思是’我是一只小蝴蝶’。”突然间,我们理解了Mina Perhonen标志性的蝴蝶logo,它优雅地张开翅膀,向我们点了点头。“这是一个芬兰的品牌对吗?”Harry教授看着我们的演讲稿问。有趣的是,Mina Perhonen是一个地地道道的日本品牌,设计师Akira也是一位日本人。

Harry教授看着屏幕上Mina Perhonen布料精美的花朵,树叶,小鸟设计,将信将疑地看着我们。我们解释说:“在分享会上分享这个品牌是因为一直以来,我们都听过Mina Perhonen把芬兰的美学和日本的工匠精神结合起来。Akira在接受Japan Times采访的时候说他第一次去芬兰,就被斯堪的纳维亚半岛的生活方式深深吸引。这样的生活方式极大地影响了他。”“那我觉得Akira真的是从心底喜欢芬兰。你知道吗,当我还是小学生的时候,我们的暑期作业总是去森林里采集数百片不同的树叶做成标本。芬兰的孩子从小就和大自然培养了深厚的感情。这些布料上的图案,让我想起了小时候进树林里采集的树叶,花朵,想起了树林里一阵阵小鸟的歌声。”Harry教授说。和Harry教授不期而遇的一次见面和对话让我们更深地对Mina Perhonen赞叹。喜欢上这个品牌仿佛只是一次无法解释的怦然心动吗?如今才发现,爱是可以被解释的,是因为设计师把全部对芬兰的爱都倾注在作品的每一个细节,这些热爱是真实的,发自内心的,全心全意的,毫不掩饰的。Mina Perhonen的世界就是用爱包围的世界。

分享会受到了极大的欢迎。原计划一场的活动因为报名人数众多,加开了第二场,第三场,第四场。在这四场分享会中,一位熟悉的客人滔哥自发地为我们摄影记录。滔哥是一个专业的摄影师,每天风雨不改和我们见面。他还非常喜欢烹饪和烘焙,经常和我们分享自制的意粉和蛋糕。对于他来讲,LOCK CHUCK是一个安全的小屋,他可以在这里不被任何打扰全力以赴自己的工作,可以在间隙走到户外和同样经常造访的熟客分享一根烟的休闲时间,还可以让他的宝贝电脑和摄影装备摊放在桌面无人照顾。我们十分珍惜这种相互间的信任与爱。

今天是万圣节。我们不讨论怎样整蛊,而是讨论如何款待。我们真是世界上最幸运的人,时刻被我们周围的城市和人用爱款待。我们也总想在任何可能的机会回报更多的爱。我们的爱,在见到你绽放的笑脸里,在这周末即将于你见面的季节限定饮品里,在12月初市中心的快闪店铺里。接下来的几周,你将会看到滔哥和我们另外一个好朋友Seiji一起拍摄的快闪店铺宣传短片。我们最爱的本地艺术家Evan还设计了一系列的金属徽章,在快闪店上和你见面。还有12月份在LOCK CHUCK揭幕的艺术装置,年度圣诞节派对。

要不现在就来?在LOCK CHUCK,从来没有诡计,只有全心全意把全部的爱于你款待。

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