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To Live Again – Spring is Here


At 10 a.m., my phone buzzes.

A new notification pops up, and with a glance, I can’t help but smile.

Spring has arrived, and I knew it.

William, our talented photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia, has once again captured us with his interpretation of the Easter holiday. This marks his sixth year capturing moments for us through his lens. As I was looking at his work, I am immediately transported to a world where LOCK CHUCK is bathed with the essence of springtime. Every image – and I mean every one of them, has sparked curiosity about the creative process behind William’s vision.

And I recalled last year this time around Easter, William came back to visit and told me that he has made an important decision.

“What is on your mind?” I was so eager to know.

“I have decided to pursue photography with my whole heart.” He said.

Upon his return to Indonesia, he started his journey of establishing his own photography studio. Managing his own team proved challenging, and doubts crawled in. William’s father suggested perhaps abandon the photography dream and join in the family’s car parts business, in which promising a greater sense and financial stability.

“I had been in doubt of myself. Probably I should have listened to my dad.” William smile bitterly. “But your relentless requests for new photo projects made me determined to forge my own path, amidst all the confusion and anxiety.”

“For LOCK CHUCK’s campaigns, I feel true to myself behind the lens. Every time I am inspired to create something new. These processes of creation are so precious to me. Not only do they fill me with great sense of satisfaction but also make me understand that the pursue of dreams are not a road without challenges. I therefore discussed with my father and have chosen to continue pursuing photography.” William shared.

Isn’t that the essence of spring? Just as new leaves renew themselves, William has discovered his true calling. 


I’ve also made a decision. 

In my Tokyo visit, I’ve added a new ritual to my calendar: having dinner with my hairstylist, Keizo San.

I met Keizo San eight years ago when he had a small hair salon in the back street of Harajuku. Since then, he has been the only one styling my hair – well, except for COVID, I had to reluctantly look for an alternative in town. 

“Chuck, we’ve been known each other for so long. I think we can go for a drink some time.” As Keizo San finishing up on my hair, he said this casually.

“That will be awesome. Why should we wait? Let’s just go tonight.” I replied excitedly. 

I have always looked up to Keizo San, a humble man who has always dressed in Comme des Garçons. Several drinks later, our conversations only get merrier. 

“Keizo San, you know what, you are my idol.” I raised my beer, “From a small shop to a new one in Ginza, the epic success that everybody strives for, you have done such a wonderful job. You inspire me so much. And I hope I can make my dreams come true just like you.”

Keizo San laughed, “Chuck San, you can make your dream come true. And I am certain of that.”

He paused for a sip of beer, “When I was young, I rebelled and didn’t do well in school. I had the opportunity to go to the U.K. to learn the art of hairstyling, and then I worked as a hair stylist in New York. And when I finally decided to return to Japan, I was nervous.”

He closed his eye for a moment, as if he was reminiscing the time, and then continued:”I faced similar uncertainties just as you do right now – I mean, look at Tokyo, there are so many good salons here, and where do I fit in? Can I even make my salon work – let alone make it “successful”? But I found a niche – there were only few salons catering to foreigners. With my oversea experience and English proficiency level, there, was my opportunity.”

“I started building my reputation among the foreigners who were curious about Japanese culture, and soon after, the locals with oversea background starting to follow. Eventually, the word of mouth helped me establish my brand. The market resembles a garden in springtime, where flowers burst to bloom. Yes, only the most resilient ones can withstand all the challenges until the very end, revealing their lasting beauty.”

“Indeed, there are so many coffee shops in Tokyo, but I know that you are going to find your place.”

“Thank you, Keizo San. I planted a seed. And you watered it with support and encouragement. Now, I am more determined than ever. Soon, I won’t have to wait for my next trip to get my hair done, and we will go for a drink regularly.” I joking said to him, “I feel so energetic and young.”


It is our tradition to have Easter egg painting here at LOCK CHUCK. This time is no different. Join us this Sunday for our annual Easter Egg Painting Competition. With a delightful twist, our newest team member, Jvjv, with a background in Environmental Design from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, will be on site to guide.

Despite exploring a new medium in art, and on a new type of canvas – eggs – to be exact. Jvjv said:”I am very excited though – to explore the unfamiliar. I love painting and digital art, and this is going to be a new challenge for me.” 

Jvjv will be showcasing his creativity at LOCK CHUCK Annex from 12:00 – 18:00 on Sunday. 

What springtime new surprises does he have for us? Let’s find out.

Happy Easter, cheers to live again in this beautiful springtime.

Happy Easter, cheers to live again in this beautiful spring time.

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