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Back to School

A few days ago when I was discussing a new project with our favourite young artist Evan, I couldn’t help but show my gratitude to him. It is Evan who helps us to visualize our ideas and concepts. He responded in his usual, humble manner, saying that the inspiration was mutual; the ideas between us act like an echo in a deep valley, bouncing back and forth to create an almost-infinite concerto.

Our discussions always hold an intensity, with new ideas sparking subconsciously, ending in great excitement and expectation. What makes it happen? I think it all boils down to a sharing of ideals. We both treasure and have great curiosity in seeking new knowledge. 

Similarities attract. My best friend Haha sent me a photo last week, in which she donned her new school jersey whilst standing in front of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She will spend the next two years here pursuing her Master of Science in Business Management, seeking new knowledge. Ever since she was a college student, she has been in the spotlight for her outstanding academic performance. She explained the choice she has made to me, a choice that would tighten her already busy schedule of juggling new motherhood with her position as a Senior Executive Assistant. Haha is surrounded by talent; she has a big impetus to continuously improve and upgrade herself.

As the text arrived in my inbox, I suddenly remembered a Monet exhibition that I encountered in Vienna. Monet turned to Impressionism because he found that even in a glimpse, the lights and shade on this planet had already changed substantially. In the eyes of an artist, the world never stays still. But, in the eyes of us people, is the answer different? Is there a moment that we finally become satisfied with what we know, what we have learnt?

Me? I still benefit from the knowledge I learnt at school. When I was pursuing my doctorate, frustrations were a-plenty: designing an experiment, collecting the data, finding non-relevance. My tutor was encouraging enough, and always said there are more solutions than there are problems. Magic doesn’t happen overnight. Through repetitive preaching, I was able to inherit the mindset. It is now applied to all daily operations. 

Nowadays, technology makes access to knowledge easy. When my colleague, Ziqian, first joined us, he could hardly greet our foreign customers in English. Last weekend, our Indian barista, Krish, arrived back from Bombay and as we were catching-up on his holiday, Krish began experimenting by adding some cocoa into his protein powder. Ziqian strolled in, smelled it, and said “Oh, Jesus!”, an injection that came straight from thin air. Krish and I were both shocked! When did he learn to use English phrases? How could he learn so quickly? But, it made sense, too. Ziqian has never stalled his effort towards learning English. He has his own unique way: reading English newsletters on his Kindle many times. No courses, just his own dedication. 

Passion is our best teacher. I always see Tokyo as my home city. There’s very few things that don’t interest me in Tokyo. From the well-presented Tempura to the meticulously-designed shopping windows, to the extremely-punctual train timetable, the more I discover, the more I want to know how the community runs. This is also the reason why I have included learning Japanese in my daily schedule.

In this Back to School season, we again pay tribute to great knowledge. LOCK CHUCK is a community that allows knowledge to flow. Be is a new technique, language, or book, the limits of your world get expanded by knowledge.

Where does your world end? 



相似的人互相吸引。我最好的朋友“哈哈”在上周发了一张照片给我,她穿着学生制服站在香港中文大学的校门前。在接下来的两年,她将于此攻读企业管理科学硕士学位,汲取新的知识。从学生时代开始,“哈哈”就一直因为极其优异的学业表现而备受瞩目。虽然已经驾轻就熟地频繁切换新晋妈妈身份和企业高级管理身份,重返校园,意味着她的时刻表变得更加繁忙。 她说她的身边有太多太多才华横溢的人,这也激发了她想提升自己的斗志和勇气。 





在这个重返校园的季节,我们再一次用崇敬之心致意伟大的知识。LOCK CHUCK是一个鼓励知识流动的社区。无论是新的技能,新的语言,还是一本新的书籍,知识总能把你的世界无限扩展。


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