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Spring’s Charm

Guangzhou’s Spring Charm arrives earlier than in any other metropolis. 

Cheery flowers are our first window onto the arrival of spring, whilst others are still covered by a blanket of snow. Sunshine becomes tender and longer. Birds are starting to echo spring’s song. 

But, of course, one of the best places to feel the season change is right here at Lock Chuck. 

Spring breeds hope. It also marks the anniversary of our shop. 

Our editor, Emily, once said ‘when a seed is planted, we need only wait patiently for the growth of new flowers, new knowledge, and new worlds to explore.’ When we opened our shop three years ago, a little seed was planted, one with the hope to connect different cultures, different people, and different worlds. Three years later, we are happy to find that in that spot where we planted this seed, this wish, flowers are blooming. 

When two talents meet, coffee becomes a sort-of alchemy. Professor Teemu, a visiting professor of Guangdong University of Technology, is one of the most admired architecture professors. We expect him in a way that a child would look forward to Santa’s arrival (maybe it is not a coincidence that Professor Teemu is from Santa’s hometown afterall!) Not only does he bring with him small gifts, joyous laughter and happiness, but also a stream of new ideas and insights. His eyes radiate encouragement. Last time we met, he showed us his newly built family house, which has been the feature of many design magazines. We were again impressed by the masterpiece, one where naked timber, natural light and intricacy interweave. 

We are always telling Professor Teemu how much we would like to work with him, and now, we have a chance. Later this spring, we are going to collaborate with a big fashion house on an art project. We turned to Professor Teemu for inspiration, and he is happy to join us. From initial sketches to the final look, he is injecting our vision with his unique aesthetics and professionalism. 

Along with Professor Teemu, our beloved young artists, Evan, William, Rwen and Parina have been invited to join in with our project. Born locally, but sharpening his craft in the UK, Evan specialises in how to integrate oriental and western essentials. William curates our social media images, consistently pushing the boundaries he sets for himself. Based in Indonesia, he breaks convention with bold experimentation. The two young lady artists Rwen and Parina became our good friends by sharing the same passion to coffee. Their creativities make the project more anticipated.  

Bonded by the love of coffee and differing cultures, Professor Teemu, Evan, William, Rwen, Parina and us here at Lock Chuck are working together with the collaborating brand’s in-house artists. In our garden, spring is eternal; the flowers we grow make it an impressive one. 

Before we can announce it proudly, why not stop by and enjoy the spring view at Lock Chuck? The trees in the shop are blooming happily, whilst the cups in your hands announce the fragrances of the season. Our seasonal drinks, Sakura Latte and White Matcha, are to be unveiled over the coming days. Guangzhou’s spring is short, as is our seasonal special. It is the best time to enjoy life outdoors, with more chairs for you and your loved ones.

No matter the season, however, Lock Chuck’s warmth is spread through our wonderful smiles and good coffee. 



当然,要在广州感受季节变迁,最好的地方之一总是LOCK CHUCK。



当创意家们相聚在一起,一杯咖啡就能激发炼金术的发挥。我们与Teemu教授在LOCK CHUCK变成好朋友。他是最出名的建筑学教授之一,也是广东工业大学的客座教授。我们期待他就好像孩子们期待圣诞老人一样(Teemu教授来自于圣诞老人的家乡,这可能就不是一个巧合了吧。)。每次他的出现不仅给我们随身带来小礼物,爽朗的笑声和极具感染力的喜悦,还有绵延不断的新的想法和灵感。他的眼睛是一汪深邃的湖蓝,却泛着一圈圈鼓励的涟漪。上一次我们的见面,Teemu教授给我们展示了他新设计的房子,这所房子被许多顶尖的设计杂志收录报道。在这份作品中,我们再一次被折服,裸露的木材,柔和的自然光,精巧的细节相互辉映。



因为热爱咖啡,因为热衷链接不同的文化,Teemu教授,Evan,William,Rwen, Parina还有LOCK CHUCK的同事正在和这个时尚品牌的设计师们一起做最后的努力。在我们的花园中,春天永恒,一朵朵鲜花,争先开放。

在我们能够骄傲地宣布这个项目之前,为什么不先来LOCK CHUCK享受一段春光浪漫?室内的大型绿植的枝头蜜蜂和花瓣共舞,手中的咖啡杯,春天的芬芳徐徐扩散。春天的限定饮品樱花拿铁和白巧克力抹茶即将和你见面。广州的春天很短,我们期间限定的饮品也很快结束。我们也在户外摆放了更多的凳子,让你和你爱着的ta一起享受广州美好的户外。

无论春秋冬夏,LOCK CHUCK的温暖始终融化在我们棒棒的微笑和好的咖啡当中。

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