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Hello, 2019

As a child, we all hold the belief that Santa would climb down our chimneys and fill our neatly-placed stockings with an array of gifts. It is only after we grow, however, do we realise that we instead become said gift-giver. There are fewer things that are more exciting that choosing a gift for our loved ones, apart from harvesting the wide smiles our families and friends wear upon their gleaming faces when opening presents.

Where there is anticipation and hope, there is a fairytale. No matter how many times we have heard the story of Sleeping Beauty being awoken by the kiss of an anticipating prince, great emotion still stirs in us when we watch magical fireworks dance around Disney castles around the world. Two years ago, we spent New Years Eve in Times Square, New York. We arrived so very early in the morning, when people who held a similar eagerness waited alongside us. Screens would show the name of the city that had walked into the new year, and applause would chime in a new hour. When the clouds broke, and the night came creeping in, our mood reached its peak. 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Tears strolled down our cold cheeks. We embraced our friends, old and new, dancing, singing, laughing, cheering. Confetti flew high in the air, whilst balloons hovered overhead. Everywhere we looked, smiles were contagious. It became a wonderland as the hearts and smiles that ruled it were almost as pure and clean as the confetti fluttering from our hair, and clinging to our faces like still, colorful tears. A ‘Happy New Year’ wish sets us up for a better year. 

Back in our small alley of Xi Niu Road, we continue to broadcast the message of anticipation and hope. When spring arrived, the peach flowers bloomed in our shop. Summer’s heat didn’t show our city any mercy, turning us into a cool summer-house with a carnival vibe. Autumn was, as usual, absent from our calendar, but our Back-to-School campaign acted as a reminder of the golden age of college. A sip of coffee paid pilgrimage to knowledge. Winter didn’t freeze the mood. Instead, hundreds of people gathered at our shop to celebrate Christmas, where mulled wine dizziness rose high into the warm, tuneful air, and wrapped gifts were piled up beneath our Christmas tree. 

And so, we look forward to a new year. When a seed is planted, we need only wait patiently for the growth of new flowers, new knowledge, and new worlds to explore. Hello, 2019. We wish you a prosperous and happy new year. 



10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,新年快乐。泪水忍不住喷薄而出,周围新认识的朋友,和我们紧紧拥抱,边唱边跳,笑声,欢呼声不绝于耳。漫天的彩带翩翩起舞,巨大的气球在人群上方热烈跳动。眼睛所及之处,均是最富感染力的笑容。我们甚至觉得闯进了爱丽丝仙境,因为统领着这片广场上的笑容和内心是如此的纯洁和干净,如同一片片彩带,它们从头发飘落,粘在脸上,变成彩色的泪花。一声“新年快乐”带来更加美好的一年。

回到犀牛路,我们持续传递期待和希望的信息。春天伊始,满室桃花争相盛开;夏天的酷热从不怜悯这座城市,我们摇身一变,变成一个具有嘉年华一般动感气氛的冰爽Summer House。秋天从来都在日历中缺席。重返校园的活动却总能把我们带回和银杏一般金黄的校园时代。在这个季节,我们向知识致以最崇高的敬意。冬天的寒风没有冰封我们的内心。圣诞节BBQ派对,100多人齐聚在此。热红酒将空气熏醉,精心包裹的礼物堆在圣诞树下,现场演奏的圣诞颂歌温暖内心。



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