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Joy is here

When we book our travel tickets, rather than avoiding holidays, we like to head out, join the locals and celebrate with them.

Among these international festivities is our favorite, Christmas. Our Santa-searching journey started in Hong Kong, a city that never sees snow. Walking on Paterson Street, even the metal poles standing along the streets were wrapped with sweaters. In the harbor at Star Ferry Pier, we came across an amateur band, who might be University students, dressed in Santa Claus attire. They were singing Christmas songs. We stopped our journey to stand in front of them. Unconsciously, we found smiles had climbed onto our faces and we sang along with the band. Everyone who walked past turned their heads to the melodies and whispered, “Merry Christmas.” It was then we began to fall in love with the festival. Santa Claus is actually around and the best gift he gives to us is the joy that permeates the faces we encounter. If there’s a heaven, we have enough reason to believe that it collided into the city. 

Christmas Eve is a night without sleep. We kept walking and sharing the joy of strangers. On our way back to the hotel, happiness didn’t yield to our souring legs. Climbing into a double deck bus, the regular Ding Dong sounds coming from the tracks played another Christmas song. A girl, holding a Santa Claus’ hand, could not board the bus as it was too packed. She said with an innocent tone that ‘Even the Santa could not climb into a bus’. Everyone on board laughed. This was 6 years ago. The memory has never faded.

On the next consecutive Christmas, we were lucky enough to cross the ocean and spend Christmas in New York. Snow fell on the roof of the Christmas Market in Union Square, shining lights breathed on the Christmas Tree of Rockefeller Center, and there was one uniform expression on the faces of people skating on the rink at Bryant Park. Joy. Trotting along the streets, Christmas melodies embraced us. If shopping windows had eyes, they would have seen enough smiles to build up the sweetest dream. It was then that we began to understand the spirit of Christmas, which is sharing and giving. You show your love and joy, and you will get more love and joy. The iconic lights spelling “Believe,” hung on the facade of Macy’s Department Store, shed their light. When we were too touched to stare at it, a glimmering galaxy formed in front of our wet eyes. In a cold world, it’s love and joy that bring in warmth.

We always believe that Santa likes Guangzhou, too. Every year, we decorate our shops with real Christmas trees and Christmas wreathes. We were treated with great love and joy on our holiday travels and we would like to pass more love and joy to our neighbors and visitors. 

Christmas arrives at LOCK CHUCK, with joy and love. Again, we hand pick a real Christmas tree. Our friend Bloom in December is designing a new wreath to highlight the festive vibe in our newly decorated home. Artist Evan and Picasso are also inspired by the spirit and designed a set of artworks. Our most anticipated Christmas BBQ party will be held on the 22nd of December. We all will play Secret Santa by preparing unexpected gifts for strangers. We are sure that a visit creates a life long memory. Christmas drinks are to be unveiled: Pistachio Matcha, Peppermint Chocolate Mocha, and Sea Salt Caramel Latte. Every cup is made with love and joy.

Jingle bells, jingle bells. Joy, here. 

Welcome to LOCK CHUCK Christmas BBQ Party

BBQ, Christmas Cookie Workshop, Festive Perfume Workshop, Secret Santa, Christmas Choir and more.

Time: 22nd December 2018, 7pm-10pm

Early Bird 98RMB

On Site 138RMB

Price includes BBQ, Christmas drinks and a Christmas pin. 

Drop a comment below to book a spot. 







圣诞来到LOCK CHUCK,带着喜悦还有爱。今年,我们再次亲手选了一棵健康茁壮的圣诞树。好朋友Bloom in December正在紧张地为我们编织圣诞花环。艺术家Evan和Picasso也没有停歇,设计了一系列的艺术作品,让圣诞的精神由眼及心。备受期待的圣诞BBQ派对将于12月22日晚上举行。我们每一个都将扮演神秘的圣诞老人,彼此打开一份未知的惊喜。我们相信,这一晚,足够恒久远。圣诞限定的饮品现在已经上市:开心果抹茶拿铁,薄荷摩卡,海盐焦糖拿铁。每一杯,都充满喜悦和爱。









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