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Autumn’s Unrolling

The start to our Autumn here in Guangzhou has been a tale of two contending halves. On one hand, the temperature drop has pressured us to don new Tokyo-bought jackets, a city that moves faster than the season itself. On the other, we are sweating beneath such wooly layers as our shop gets busier and busier.

We wonder, when do you begin to realise the change in the season as most city-dwellers, especially those who reside in tropical Guangzhou, are used to ever-green foliage? At what point do you spot the coming of a new season?

Global exploration continues to inspire us. We vividly remember our second visit to Amsterdam when the whole city was adorned by thick layers of golden leaf-carpets, which made an already fairytale-esque place a more romantic one. It was easy to recall all of our first memories of this city, but this new look heightened our adrenaline, our eyes like camera shutters capturing every scene around us. 

Kyoto is also blessed. We came across ‘red leaves’ season by chance a few years ago; everything painted with a solemn crimson: the sky, the reflective river, the facades of ancient temples. Walking into Tofukuji(東福寺), a temple we pay homage to every time we visit this beloved city, our tears could not help but unconsciously drizzle down our cheeks. They weren’t the tears of sadness, or happiness, but those of great emotion beyond all understanding. Gazing into the spreading red colour, we felt that the physical world was abandoning us, leaving us drifting through an infinite universe where great emotions grappled. 

The changings seasons not only interrupt the planet, but also our spirit. We begin to recognize that times really does fly, and just how important it is to keep chasing the calendar. 

In our Back to School season, we changed our look to a more minimalist and modern one, with special thanks to the great artists Evan and Rwen. Now, the long awaited Pumpkin Latte and Sea Salt Caramel Latte that warmed your hearts and hands last year is back on the menu! All treats, no tricks, all year around at Lock Chuck. If you missed our wonderful Hallowe’en party last year, when the whole of Xiniu Road was occupied by ghosts and ghouls, a visit is a must this year. The changing season can be felt, tasted, and of course seen at Lock Chuck. Our talented team has already decorated the shop with autumnal leafage. 

Oh, and a tip from our most loyal customers: autumn at Lock Chuck is the best time to enjoy the last of the sunshine outdoors. This time around, newly added shop-front trees offer an escape from your daily concrete-jungle routine. Stop by and say hello. Catch the moment, and happy autumn.




京都也备受同样的庇佑。两年前,我们幸运地赶在红叶季节再次造访这座城市。眼睛所及之处,均是肃穆的红:夕阳灼烧的云卷,潺潺小溪跳跃着光斑,古老的寺庙外墙,在枫叶中隐现。再次走进东福寺 — 每次到京都的必到之处,眼泪止不住地沿着脸颊滚滚落下。伤心?开心?都不是。内心翻滚着复杂的情感,超越了语言能描述的边界。坠入漫天红叶的深海,世界瓦解成碎块,复杂的情感从八方四面汹涌撞击。


在LOCK CHUCK,季节的变迁可以感觉到,可以品尝到,当然也可以亲眼看到。在这个重返校园的季节,我们邀请了艺术家Evan和Rwen让LOCK CHUCK焕发新颜;期待已久的南瓜拿铁和海盐焦糖拿铁再次回归菜单,一年四季的LOCK CHUCK,只有款待,没有使坏。只不过他们也和秋天一样,限期供应。如果去年你错过了我们的万圣节派对,没有亲历盛装打扮的妖魔鬼怪把犀牛路占满,今年一定要在万圣节再来一次。还有一个来自最忠实的客人的一个友情提醒,秋天的LOCK CHUCK是一年中阳光最好的时候,一杯咖啡,身披万道金光。户外种植了更多的植物,逃离水泥砖墙,更加接近大自然。


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