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Rethinking the Aesthetics

We treasure time, a mentality not easily attained. It happens during the long process of discovering, of learning, self-reflecting, and contemplating: be it in Tokyo where trains run to an extremely stringent timetable, or Kyoto where the changing seasons are framed by the windows of ancient temples. 

Time changes things. “What looks good today may not look good tomorrow.” A painting by Michel Majerus hangs in the lobby of MoMA, New York. Its vision struck us so profoundly that the spirit continues to echo in our minds.

The same spirit resonates in Japan; shops close for renovation every several months. 

Ever since the first day we opened our doors, we have never ceased to think of what can make us better. Our special ‘Back-to-School’ campaign, launched every September, showcases our desire for knowledge and our thirst for improvement. So, what is next? We are changing our interiors: a design to show homage to minimalistic Japanese aesthetics. From the billboards overhead to magazine covers, and even to the underground signs, there is no detail too small to illustrate Japan’s unique style. We still vividly remember having dinner at a Japanese BBQ restaurant atop of the Tokyu Plaza, where even the table presentation intrigued us. Despite the subtle design, the ceramics exuded an elegance that had our eyes infixed. The unpretentious beauty makes the dining experience a three-dimensional one: look, touch, and taste. 

With these worldly experiences in mind, we have teamed up with local designer, Rwen, for our renewal project, taking place from 27th to 29th September. We have injected our comprehension of timeless minimalism to the new design. Excited to see our new look? Come and visit us on 30th September and the first 10 customers will get a free ‘Back-to-School’ tote bag designed by Evan. 

For those that crave our familiar and beloved coffee, do not worry. We have set up a pop-up coffee kiosk in our favourite restaurant in town, Social&Co, on 29th and 30th September between 11am and 5pm. Great coffee, wonderful smiles, and delectable brunch; what more could you ask for? 

Planed Service Change

26th September 8am – 8pm

27th – 29th September Close

30th onwards 8am – 10pm


时间改变事物,移转星星。“今天看起来很好的,明天可能就不再好。”悬挂在纽约现代艺术博物馆大堂的艺术家Michel Majerus作品强烈震撼着我们,画作无声,耳边的时间却在轰鸣。


从开放的第一天起,我们就从未停止过一秒思考怎样可以做得更好。每年九月,我们总会举办’重返校园’的活动,展示我们对于知识的渴望和对不断进步的要求。所以,下一步是什么?长久的熏陶,让我们亦有表达的冲动。致敬日式极简美学,LOCK CHUCK即将换新颜。从天空下的巨型户外广告牌到杂志封面到地铁车站的指示标志,日本的设计美感在每一个小细节流淌。时常忆记在银座Tokyu Plaza上一家日式烤肉餐厅的晚餐,桌面铺开的碗筷和碟子让我们无法移动目光:内敛的设计隐藏不住散发的优雅;温润的色彩无法模糊散发的锋芒。毫不做作的精致让这一顿晚餐变得立体:眼睛,指尖,舌头。

从9月27日至29日,我们将联合艺术家温温一起重新改造我们的室内空间。已经迫不及待要看到我们的新形象?欢迎你在9月30号前来LOCK CHUCK。前10位客人将获赠艺术家Evan设计的重返校园帆布袋。



9月26日 8am – 8pm

9月27日-19日 暂停营业

9月30日 8am-10pm

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