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Autumn Spirit

The more that we explore of our planet, the more we feel that change is inescapable. Nothing is static.

Luck played a big role in our very first visit to Austria, where we came across a special exhibition ‘Looking at Monet: The Great Impressionist and his Influence on Austrian Art.’ Gazing in awe at these great yet delicate paintings, infinite artwork displayed a gateway in front of us through which we climbed eagerly. We smelt the scent of sweet lilies in the ponds; saw London’s bridges appearing then disappearing amongst the fog; and wandered around Monet’s precious Japanese gardens. “For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment.” With the brushes on the canvas, shade and light entwining, time races onward. 

Japanese love confectioneries. Daifuku (だいふく), a rice cake stuffed with sweet kidney bean paste, is our favourite. After trying most Daifuku, our soft heart pays extra love to Spring Cake (春の餅), created by Taneya (たねや). Crafted with sticky rice dyed green by farm-grown spices, the texture and sweetness of the beloved Spring Cake reaches the perfect balance. We long for it so much that it always ranks top on our to-eat list in Japan. Once, a visit to the shop culminated in an empty stomach, however; we found no Spring Cake. It was then we were told that it is a seasonal sweet, one only available during the spring, explaining the origin of its name. We have journeyed to Japan more often since then. When Spring Cake was not on the shelf, we tried other delights, and to our surprise, seasons unravelled on our tongues. The refreshing sweetness of lotus seed paste bringing respite to the most scorching summers; the richness of chestnut cake announcing autumn’s arrival; persimmon cake offering a taste of winter.

In China, we celebrate the seasons changing, too. Mid-Autumn Festival marks the beginning of harvest season. Mooncakes are the seasonal treat. We hold a special place in our heart for this special confectionary as its sweetness not only takes us back to an innocent childhood sweet-tooth, but also offers a reminder of time’s fast pace.

Summer is retreating. Autumn is now taking the stage. Lock Chuck is never less fun. A ‘back-to-school’ exhibition by the amazing artist Evan now lines the walls. Our special autumn drinks soon to  bring the warmth you need. A new design is unfolding in-shop (we will close from 27th September to 29th September for the renewal. Rest assured, you can still have LOCK CHUCK COFFEE in our pop up kiosk located in one of our most-visited place in Town. Guess where it is? The first right answer will get a free back-to-school tote bag. Hint: it will be in Zhu Jiang New Town.)

Tick, Tock, Tick. Seasons change, style endures. What does your favourite Lock Chuck look like in autumn? Come by and say hello. Hold time in your hands. 





夏天还在与观众告别,秋天已不愿紧缩在后台。秋天的LOCK CHUCK,欢乐并不比夏天的少。与艺术家Evan合作的“重返校园”艺术展正在LOCK CHUCK展出,徽章,帆布袋等限定周边等你带回家;秋天的限定饮品将秋意浓缩;由艺术家Rwen设计的全新的店铺形象马上也要和你见面(请允许我们在9月27日到9月29日期间关闭三天,为你准备新形象。不过请放心,关闭的时候你仍旧能喝到你喜欢的LOCK CHUCK咖啡,因为我们将在广州最常去的地方举办一场快闪咖啡店的活动。快闪店的地址在哪里?你来猜一下。第一个回答正确的将会获赠我们“重返校园”帆布包。小提示:地址是珠江新城。)

滴滴答,滴滴答。季节稍纵即逝,精神永存。你喜爱的LOCK CHUCK在秋天变成怎样?现在来造访,抓住即将消失的这一刻。

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