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‘Faster, Higher and Stronger’

With athletic spirit seared on our DNA, we always see ourselves as an youthful athlete who never stops aiming to be faster, higher and stronger. And summer, the most energetic season of the year, therefore becomes our favorite season. 

What is athletic spirit? Can it be felt, seen and touched? Again, look at our favorite city, Tokyo. 

The fashion world walks faster. When you pop in a bookstore in Tokyo, there is a big chance that you will be greeted by piles of local magazines, ranging from What to Eat, which recommends new restaurants or season special dishes, to What to Wear, which not just showcases what’s chic for the season but also the trend for the next one. The city keeps renovating and walking ahead, which, in turn, keeps both editors and citizens busy around the clock. Tokyo’s heartbeat pumps strongly in different corners. Young children walk to school unaccompanied, residents fill up their shopping bags in shopping malls, and football players choose to sweat under the lights of a rooftop football courts and stars late into the evening over going home to rest. As the 2020 Olympics is nearing, the city is in flux. However, higher demand doesn’t comprise what’s guaranteed: the usual polite service, warmth and cosiness. 

The lessons we learnt built what we are today. There’s not even a moment that we feel comfortable enough to stop renovating, striving to be faster, higher and stronger like an athlete. While Pop Up Pub, our summer house program featuring the upbeat music and refreshing summer special drinks, is still dominating LOCK CHUCK, we are excited to work with two amazing artists, Rwen and Evan, to do a new collaboration for Autumn. Rwen will redesign our bar area and Evan will refresh our cafe in a more artistic way. In addition, our in house artist William hasn’t ceased impressing us. A series of new photography works are on the way to catch your eyes as always. 

Summer is so young, reflecting our athletic spirit. Pop in and say hello. It’s the best time. 




每一次东京探索都是一次生动的课堂,教会我们不可停下追求更快更强更高。夏天限定的Pop Up Pub还在用欢快的音乐节奏还有沁爽的饮品统领LOCK CHUCK,我们已经在为悄悄伸出试探脚步的秋天做准备。两位创意有加的年轻设计师温温和Evan将为我们打造全新的秋日形象。温温重新设计了吧台,Evan的艺术装置将带你重返青葱的黄金时代。与此同时,我们团队的摄影大师William也没有停止探索更多视觉的可能,一系列作品将持续抓住你的眼球。

夏天温度和我们体内流淌的运动精神交相呼应。时间还早,先别回家。现在来LOCK CHUCK就是最好的时候。

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