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Time to Strip Down

When we talk about summer, we talk about escaping and stripping down: a beach where you let your skin pores breath freely and show off your well trained muscles, a far-flung destination where you are not recognized, not on call for 24 hours, and not restricted from wild excitement. 

Summer is the best season to jump out from your daily routine. 

Our first escape destination this summer was Tokyo. The morning after we arrived, we paid a visit to Bill’s, one of our favorite cafés atop a roof where no nearby buildings block the view.We were seated on the patio where the sky unrolled in front of us like a big screen: an extremely crystal blue canvas dotted with cotton-like clouds. Fixing our eyes to the blue infinity, we suddenly had a strange feeling that our souls were leaving our bodies, flying high to the sky, just like a kite getting rid of it’s string and dancing with the wind or a fish immersing itself in the ever expansive deep sea, floating and being carried gently by the currents. An ecstatic feeling took hold of us. At that moment, in an inertia of stillness, when none of us knew what to do, we felt the whole universe was embracing us, murmuring in our ears, and trying to show us all the mysteries yet to unravel. We felt a pure and innocent joy with a cup of coffee still releasing its aroma in the air. 

The experience was magical to us. A simple coffee moment could set off a ripple of excitement. Isn’t it the purpose of an escape? Isn’t it an Eureka moment that always surfaces unexpectedly? 

Living with a hustling schedule, we complain rather than celebrate, burden up rather than strip down, brush up all the unnecessary rather than hold up the basics. What’s the essential of Summer then? To us, it’s good coffee and the urge to explore, a lesson we learnt at Bill’s. 

Keeping the spirit in mind, here comes our annual summer house program, Pop Up Pub. The wonders around the planet open up to you: from the coffee roasted in New York by our friend Irving Farm to the gin distilled in small batches in Finland to upbeat music played from vinyls by various artists. Come by and say hello. Escape to explore. 






夏天的LOCK CHUCK值得再次探索。我们将你熟悉而经典的咖啡店变成一个Pub,寰宇世界的惊奇在此展开:从来自纽约,由我们好朋友Irving Farm烘焙的咖啡豆到来自芬兰小批量酿造的Gin酒再到全世界各个角落不同艺术家的黑胶唱片,跳跃鼓舞的节奏。谁说只有长途班机才能载着你出逃?带着探索的冲动,钻进LOCK CHUCK,我们带你出逃。

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