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Let Contrasts Spark

Is love complicated? Have you ever truly fallen in love with a city? Is it the skyscrapers hitting the atmosphere causing your jaw to drop that fosters the favouritism? Or is it the stunning lighting of the cities which, at night, seems to connect our world to the stars above and creates a galaxy illusion that shoots Cupid’s arrows into our hearts?

But what if an unexpected summer storm can easily drown the whole city and deprive us of the shining stars bragged in the city promotion advertisement? Or perhaps when night creeps in, the CBD neighborhood turns into an abandoned one that remind you of left over cities in Walking Dead? Can you still say you love the city? Underneath the bright velvet cloth lies a rickety and stained table. 

What makes you hesitant to say “love”? One thing for sure is that a city with shooting skyscrapers yet a flood underneath is not the one on your favorite list.

Our hearts hold a dear place for Osaka and our love for it is as strong as the declaration on the poster hanging above Umeda that reads ‘We all love here.’ The rustling steps squeeze into the subway carts while the drop of a needle could resonate with a clatter. A lone, late night stroll through the zigzag alleys can lead to a dimming lantern of a still open family-style diner rather than an unknown danger. Looking at the locals passing by, even an unskilled photographer could capture magazine-like streetwear snapshots while in high ball bars, formal suits are still the dominating fashion. Well groomed shop keepers would never put on a cold face but innocent and warm smile. Every scene dotting the city showcases to us that it’s a tranquil yet energetic place; safe yet wild; young yet classic; cool yet friendly. The charm of the city lies in its many sides that seem contrasting to each other but integrate well. 

Love for Osaka also teaches us a lesson – let contrasts spark. While everybody in town complains, we celebrate. The sudden rain pouring down and the climbing scorching temperatures only fuel our enthusiasm to get wet and party on. 

Welcome to Pop Up Pub, our summer house transformed from your familiar and classic LOCK CHUCK and featuring good coffee, award-winning gin, wonderful smiles and vibrant vibes. Hiding in a tranquil alley makes the noise louder. Stepping into our small door leads to an expanding wonderland. Embracing contrasting elements and integrating them well, the summer at LOCK CHUCK is too cool to resist. 

Can we be your favorite one in town? Come try and you will know.


但是,如果一场突如其来的夏日暴雨就能让这座城市颠倒,街道泛起小舟,连头顶出现在城市宣传片中的灯光都熄灭,或者夜幕降临,被形容为城市心脏的CBD突然人去楼空,如同行尸走肉(Walking Dead)中被遗弃的街区,你还会不会说这就是你喜欢的样子?掀开的丝绒桌布,一张满布油渍的木桌。


在我们心中,始终把最多的宠爱留给大阪。梅田三番街的一张广告牌骄傲地写着我们内心的想法“We all love here”。形色匆匆的脚步塞进早高峰列车,一根针掉下来也能在车厢和铁轨的哐哐当当声回响;夜幕笼罩的错综小巷,独自一人前行,微弱的光芒透过灯笼在转角点亮,是深夜食堂而不是未知的危险;任何一个最笨拙的摄影师,只需把镜头抬起,便可捕捉到杂志大片一般的街拍时尚,而在威士忌酒吧,觥筹交错的身影依然身披正式的西装。商店中的服务团队,一丝不苟的妆容不用来掩藏最天真最灿烂的微笑。每一幕大阪的记忆都在展示冲撞着的大阪:既安静又生机勃勃;既安全又充满野性;既潮流又恪守传统;既酷又热情友好。这座城市的魅力在于完美融合了看起来相互矛盾的方方面面。


欢迎来到Pop Up Pub。你熟悉的LOCK CHUCK在夏天变成让你更加澎湃的Pub。好的咖啡,获奖无数的Gin,棒棒的笑容还有激情洋溢的氛围。躲在安静的小巷让音浪更加嘹亮;踏入小小的门口,发现更大更宽阔的奇妙世界。融合各种冲撞的元素,LOCK CHUCK的夏天实在太酷,难以抗拒。


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