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Summer Carnival

Our mood heats up as the summer peaks up. Finally can we show off the well trained muscles (sweat pays off!) and embrace the long-abandoned outdoor activities (don’t ground yourself in an AC room, folks). Most importantly, parties always last longer in summer time.

It’s in New York that we began to appreciate summer as the city gains a boundless energy once the heat cranks up. The climbing temperature only adds more fuel to the energetic vibe that already exists in the city. From Summer Stage in Central Park, where amazing artists pump up the adrenaline of music fans, to Street Fair, where once vehicle-packed streets turn into a food paradise with sizzling smells escaping from various food trucks and kiosks, ‘boys and boys, girls and girls, welcome to New York’, welcome to the biggest carnival on this planet. Our favorite pick for this carnival is spending time on the lawns. Picnic with friends, beers and sodas in hands; books spreading, breeze and sunshine embracing us. If heaven has its own name, then we think it would be called New York Summer.

Festive vibes also permeate the summer of Copenhagen. In the city where the little mermaid was born, fairytale turns into reality in Summer time. Turning the city into a playground, Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park right in the heart of the city, keeps the carnival spirt alive. We joined the locals and dived into the story-book atmosphere. Screams and laughter burst out in the air where a roller coaster reached its top height; the clinking of bottles under the colorful bulbs resonated with the blossoming of fireworks. Even the sun was lured by the vibe and not willing to leave the sky at night.

How could we just allow ourselves to complain of the humid weather dominating Guangzhou instead of chanting summer lyrics and turning the longer summer into a longer carnival? We are excited to unveil our annual summer house Pop Up Pub, an escapist fantasy, turned from your familiar and classic LOCK CHUCK. Too-cool-to-resist summer drinks, adrenaline-pumping festive vibe. Jump in LOCK CHUCK and let the carnival begin.


我们对于夏日的喜爱可以追溯回第一次在纽约度过的夏天。气温的上升给本已激情四射的城市推入更多燃料:中央公园的夏日舞台星光熠熠,免费的音乐会澎湃整座城市的脉搏,折射太阳万丈锋芒;从时代广场到86街,街头盛会帷幕拉开,曾经的车水马龙为行人封闭,变成美食天堂,诱人的香味从食物卡车和小摊档中逃串而出。’boys and boys, girls and girls, welcome to New York’,欢迎来到纽约,欢迎来到全球最大的夏日狂欢。我们最喜欢的节目要数草坪上的晒太阳,像纽约客一样,和好友在阳光下野餐,啤酒和苏打上升的气泡在碰撞的杯面绽放一个个七彩水花;摊开的书本,轻拂的微风。如果天堂有名字,那么它应该叫做纽约的夏天。

节日的气氛也在地球另一端的哥本哈根酝酿。美人鱼诞生的地方,童话在夏日变成现实。市中心的七彩的Tivoli Gardens乐园,把嘉年华的欢乐精神传播扩散。我们和当地人一起,跳入这片狂欢的浪潮,笑声,欢呼声和摩天轮一起呼啸升空;绽放的礼花和举起的酒杯奏起交响;根本哈根的仲夏夜之梦是和美人鱼一起在闪烁的彩灯下畅游的童话梦。就连太阳,也舍不得离开这片狂欢的会场,久久不愿离开。

我们怎能让广州缺席这场蔓延全球的狂欢?与其抱怨广州湿热的天气为何不“用汗做火花,忘情狂欢呼,追击主音吉他”?更长的夏天是否变成更长的嘉年华?我们兴奋地揭开年度夏日企划Pop Up Pub。你熟悉的LOCK CHUCK变成逃离沉闷日常的Pub。和心目中那个Ta一样酷的冰凉夏日饮品,让你肾上腺素直线飙升的更热情氛围。现在就来LOCK CHUCK,启幕夏日嘉年华。

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