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Putting aside tourist-saturated spaces, handy ‘local’ tips will always contain must-dos that are too cool to resist.

We realised our love for San Francisco the first time we set foot in such a vibrant city. Besides the known abundance of good coffee shops, places that not just fix our caffeine craving, but also offer inspiration in bounds (the original Cable Car poster in our store is a testament to our admiration), San Francisco’s ‘local’ secret takes you on a bike ride across Golden Gate Bridge. Whether it is a sunny day, when the soaring water heavily hits the rocks beneath, and the stunning skyline spreads out ahead like something out of a movie; or a foggy day, when the bridge performs a disappearing act: abracadabra, and it is sawn in half; a life-long memory is always guaranteed. In this bicycle-only lane, we were free. We flew with invisible wings on our back, just like that final scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, holding hands up to embrace the wind. A secret biking tour, just too cool to resist.

Moving east, Boston’s Freedom Trail leads up to a square where floor jets shoot water high into the sky above. Locals know to put on swimming costumes before entering the ‘battleground’, where excited citizens seemingly fight with the fountain, water shooting everywhere. Even donning jeans and a t-shirt couldn’t hold us back from the temptation to join the lively locals. Laughter fluttered all around, and in the warm air, another secret existed; one too cool to resist.

Leading cultural change in China, Guangzhou constantly showcases its burgeoning creativity. A local tip, then? Don’t miss out on our summer house program: Pop Up Pub. Your classic Lock Chuck turns into a pub during those summer months where an energetic vibe dominates our store. Grab a summer drink, tan in the sun, chat with our friends, and escape bland daily routines. A summer just too cool to resist.

Now, let’s explore! Delay no more!


第一次踏足旧金山,我们就深爱上了这座动感大都会。遍布每个街区的好的咖啡店,不仅满足了我们对咖啡因的极度渴望,还为我们店铺提供了澎拜的灵感(如果你前来LOCK CHUCK,会看到一张原版的旧金山叮当车海报,我们用它表露对这座城市的极度热爱。)除此之外,当地人还保守着一个’秘密’,那就是骑自行车跨越金门大桥。无论是在阳光明媚的日子,汹涌的波涛聚集洪荒之力撞击桥下的岩石,破碎的水花溅起一地彩虹,折射着岸边如同电影镜头缓慢铺开的壮阔天际线;抑或迷雾重重的时刻,魔法施展,嘛呢叭咪吽!横跨的桥身瞬间披上隐身斗篷,如同盗梦空间一般被拆解的支零破碎;金门大桥的骑行永远是一段毕生难忘的记忆。从未体会过的自由飞翔,后背仿佛长出了一双翅膀,和电影壁花少年最后一幕那张开的双臂,拥抱着扑面而来的风的画面相互交响。当地人才知道的骑行线路,真的太酷,怎能抗拒?


引领着新新文化,广州也在展示着喷薄欲出的活力。在广州,怎样才够酷?千万不要错过我们夏日限定企划Pop Up Pub。你喜欢的LOCK CHUCK摇身一变,在夏天变成一个热力四射的Pub。让毛孔在夏日饮品的刺激下颤抖(千万不要告诉你妈妈我们还提供Napue Gin),让肌肤在户外的阳光下晒成古铜,和热情的朋友交流,逃离你被炙烤的苍白日常。夏天的LOCK CHUCK,每天都是热浪假期,那么酷,你又怎能抗拒?

现在就来探索。Delay no more.

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