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Suddenly, Comes the Summer

When we are talking about summer, we are talking about extra outdoors time, which is definitely supposed to be deemed as a privilege rather than a misfortune.

Citizens in metropolises are always good at making the most of the season, turning them into big carnivals. Take New York, where our coffee beans get roasted by our friend Irving Farm. The calendars get so packed as the summer approaches. From Summer Music Festival to Shakespeare in the Park, Central Park’s impulse just hits to its highest point. One of the most anticipated events would be the unofficial Water Fight. Tank tops on. Water guns up. Screams and laughters rise from the lawns and pierce the sky above.

In both Tokyo and Copenhagen, two cities oceans away, the same spirit resonates as summer peaks up. The night sky is lit up with stunning fireworks in both the annual Fireworks Festival in Tokyo and Mid Summer Festival in Copenhagen. Grills for BBQ set up, beers gulped down, cheers and laughters go on and on.

It would be a shame if Guangzhou lacked the festive vibe considering summer time is bestowed upon us longer than most other metropolises. We invite you to visit Pop Up Pub, our annual summer house featuring festive and energetic summer vibes. Bedsides your familiar and beloved coffee, Tonic Fresca and Shakerato come back. Award-winning Napue Gin from Finland cools you down with unique citrusy notes. Cold brew is on offer as well, while mojito coffee join in this summer’s fanfare.

A summer house where you escape from the bland daily routines. Come by, say hello and explore a cooler summer.


生活在大都会的人们知道如何享用额外的阳光,将夏季变成嘉年华。比如说好朋友Irving Farm为我们烘焙咖啡豆的城市纽约。随着夏日蔓延,纽约的日历也被各种盛会填满。在中央公园,好戏连连,从夏日音乐节到莎士比亚戏剧节,纽约的脉搏在这个季节喷张至高潮。我们最期待的是非官方的年度打水仗活动。比基尼,热裤,闪耀的肌肉;水枪,水桶,激烈的射击;尖叫声,欢呼声从大草坪升空,穿破纽约的天际线。


和其他大都会相比,广州被额外赏赐了更长的夏季,更多的烈日骄阳。得天独厚的奖赏,岂能不张开双臂拥抱嘉年华?欢迎你前来Pop Up Pub,我们一年一度的夏日特别企划。夏天的LOCK CHUCK摇身一变,带着更浓烈的节日气氛和更律动的四射活力,变成一个你更爱的pub。除了你熟悉和喜爱的咖啡,Tonic Fresca(汤力伏烈加)和 Shakerato(冰摇饮品)重新回归;获奖无数的来自芬兰的Napue Gin带着沁人心脾的柑橘香味让你毛孔震颤;夏日冰萃同期上市,还有首次登场的Mojito Coffee(莫吉托咖啡),夏天的LOCK CHUCK,不准不好玩。

提早暑假,投奔初夏,逃离被炙烤的日常,幻彩LOCK CHUCK,放肆一下。

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