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Let’s toast! Let’s TOAST!

City life offers a lot for us to celebrate. From traditional festivals to anniversaries to opening ceremonies, the list goes on and on. Our DNA has also been infused with the appreciation of it.

One of the best ways to live like a local is to join the locals for celebrations. It’s during the summer in Tokyo that we caught an annual Fireworks Festival. The black night sky was turned into a big screen when thousands of fireworks blossomed into shapes we have never seen. Faces were lit up while beers were gulped. As any other season in this city, summer brings with it a distinct mood and unique celebrations.

Our greatest memory of celebrations in New York, the city that never sleeps, is the New Year Eve Countdown on Times Square. Hope had never climbed so high as the screens overhead  announced that New York had stepped into a new year. The crystal ball dropped, confetti flew, and kisses and hugs dominated the crossroad of the world.

Back in Guangzhou, celebrations have never ceased in our shop. We give you tons of reasons, if not millions, to celebrate. Let’s toast! Let’s TOAST! Besides good coffee, we also craft toasts in house. Seasonal fruit selected from around the world (the latest offer is figs from South Africa) is paired with freshly toasted bread. Simple yet complex.

General opinion’s starting to make out that magic happens only at Disneyland, where the famous nightly fireworks display celebrates magic and dreams coming true. But to us, magic is actually everywhere. Let the fireworks rise from the castle you hold in your heart and celebrate with us. Let’s toast!




回到广州,在LOCK CHUCK,每天都是欢庆日,每刻都在喝彩。除了好的咖啡,我们还现场为你创作 Let’s Toast 吐司系列(Toast这个词就充满玩味,即是吐司,又是举杯庆祝)。严选全球最优质的应季水果(最新抵港的是来自南非的无花果),搭配烤制松软的面包,简单的搭配,丰富的口感。

迪斯尼的世界犹如童话,抱着想象,用摘星的手臂,为地球每夜放烟花。而我们相信,在乐园的外面,魔力仍然真实存在。让烟花从你心中的城堡冲向天空,和我们一起欢庆每一个瞬间。Let’s toast! Let’s TOAST!

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