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New Tradition in Town: Easter Egg Decoration Challenge

We’ve been familiar with the delivery of decorated eggs and candy from the Easter bunny in America for quite some time, but our friends in different countries tell us about different traditions: An ornate cart packed with fireworks burnt outside the Duomo, Florence; Children dressed up like witches begging for chocolate eggs in the streets with made-up faces in Finland; People drenching one another with water in Poland.

A little tradition has taken root at LOCK CHUCK since the first year we opened. Our friend Winnie, a lovely and kind hearted girl, would always show up on Easter weekend, bringing a bag of bunny chocolates to share with us. Thank you, Winnie. You make us anticipate this festival as much as others we celebrate.

Celebrations vary. Spirit endures. Even though Easter is rarely celebrated in Guangzhou, we can still share and spread the spirit of the festival: being fearless, being joyful, being renewed.

A new year just rolls out. A brand new LOCK CHUCK is breaking the cocoon. Don’t miss our spring special drinks, Sakura Latte and White Chocolate Matcha Latte. The fresh spring flavors of Japan is now blossoming in your cup. An extra long Summer is coming (No surprise!). Your favorite summer drinks, Tonic Fresca, Shakerato and Cold Brew, will come back to the menu soon, while Mojito Coffee, whose popularity has swept over West Coast of America, will be added to cool your summer. Of course, more surprises are on the way.

Happy Easter! Happy Rebirth! Come visit us this weekend, join Easter Egg Decoration Challenge, enjoy free chocolates and win free coffee* for a week.

Easter Egg Decoration Challenge

When: 31st March 2018


Eggs and color pens prepared on site.

* Seven cups of coffee from the menu. One for each day. Valid between 2nd April and 8th April, 2018.


从LOCK CHUCK开放的第一年,就伴随着一个小小的复活节传统。一位善良美丽大方的好朋友Winnie总会在节日的周末出现,给我们带来兔子巧克力,甜蜜于手入心。谢谢你,Winnie,你让我们期待复活节能够明天就来。

庆典的形式千变万化,节日的精神恒久流传。即使在广州,在一个不传统的节日,我们仍旧能够分享、传播复活节的精神 — 无畏、欣喜、重生。

新的一年刚刚展开,新的LOCK CHUCK破茧而来。不要错过春季限定,樱花拿铁和白巧克力抹茶拿铁。日本春天的味道在你的杯中盛开。特别特别长的夏天即将到来,你最爱的夏天限定Tonic Fresca 汤力伏烈加, Shakerato和冰萃咖啡重回菜单。与此同时,风靡美国西海岸的Mojito Coffee也将首次登陆,夏天的LOCK CHUCK,冰爽性感。还有更多惊喜,值得期待。

快乐复活节。快乐重生。本周末,来LOCK CHUCK,参与彩蛋绘制挑战,赢取一周免费咖啡*。


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