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Christmas Arrives in Guangzhou, with Love and Holiday Wishes

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

The crisp air in our city is getting increasingly more festive as our favourite holiday is approaching. It was just last year that we celebrated our first Christmas in the shop with our amazing friends from around the world. The memories linger: Phil and Rachel boiling mulled wine and constructing the most scrumptious gingerbread house; Emily and Ruffle baking lightening bolt Christmas cookies; Suki and Fan Fan weaving striking wreaths. Laughter played a beautiful concerto whilst love shed light into our warm hearts.

The spirit of Christmas shines bright in this tranquil back alley of Guangzhou, a city notoriously lacking that joyous Christmas vibe.

Celebration transcends whilst memory endures. We still vividly remember our first magical Christmas spent in New York. After fourteen hours curling-up in the long-haul flight cabin, our exhausted bodies were struck by an extremely biting wind. The final stop on the subway was Macy’s, where we climbed up the ground to be met with unexpected neon lights spelling out ‘believe’. It was like the starts twinkling in the night sky, emotion dancing in with the sound of melodic Christmas jingles.

We are continuously embraced with so much love, yet we are keen on surprises. This time around, what can you expect? Treasuring the tradition, as always, we have ordered a real Christmas tree, which is currently journeying across the oceans from the States. Our amazing friends, Phil and Rachel, will help us add an authentic Aussie Christmas vibe in our corner of this city, featuring an Aussie Christmas BBQ party to be held in the middle of December. Professional florist Suki and her amazing team are now busy directing our in-shop floral design; better-than-ever wreaths will adorn our school soon. Finally, our fantastic artists, William from Indonesia and Picasso from Guangzhou, are here again to impress you with their great design pieces. What’s more, special limited drinks are soon to warm both your hands and hearts.

The crescendo is rising. Come visit us this festive season. More surprises to come.

With love, from LOCK CHUCK, to you!

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