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Welcome Join Our Free Coffee Workshop

Holding relentless curiosity and appreciation for this unique planet, our need to explore even the smallest of corners has never exhausted. Whenever we find something that impresses us, all we can think about is sharing it with you. Something we will never learn is how to pack everything for our flight home. Alas, we are not shopaholics, our keen eyes thrive on sourcing hidden gems.

Excitement flourishes as we once again introduce three more single origin beans: Ethiopia, El Salvador and Nicaragua, to share with you. Our friends at Irving Farm trek through jungles and mountains to source nature’s very best wonders. The journey only continues in their roastery, as seasoned hands bring out every fine flavour of the beans. We invite the tastes that charm the hearts of New Yorkers to join us in our city.

Come join our free tasting workshop this Friday night and appreciate the coffee for free. Our friendly barista will even teach you the basic techniques of brewing at home.

In this LC spooky season, no tricks just treats!

When: 27/10/2017, 8PM


Bean List

Amaro Gayo, Ethiopia || Natural || Floral, Strawberry, sweet

El Molino, El Salvador || Natural || Dried Apricot, Heavy, Syrupy

La Pena Miel, Nicaragua || Pulp-natual || Dried Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Almond


我们再次兴奋地引进三款全新的单一产地咖啡豆,迫不及待要让你们也品尝到。它们来自埃塞俄比亚,萨尔瓦多和尼加拉瓜。我们的好朋友Irving Farm穿越层林叠嶂,攀登重重山峦,探寻大自然最好的果实。这段奇幻的旅程在他们的烘焙农场延续,专业的处理方法把大自然孕育的风味完美呈现。我们欣喜地把这三款赢取了纽约客的心的豆子带回到我们的城市。


LOCK CHUCK的万圣节,只有款待,没有恶作剧。

时间 2017年10月27日晚上8点



Amaro Gayo, 埃塞俄比亚|| 日晒处理 || 花香,草莓,甜蜜

El Molino, 萨尔瓦多 || 日晒处理 || 杏仁干,厚重,糖浆

La Pena Miel, 尼加拉瓜 || 去果皮日晒处理 || 樱桃干,牛奶巧克力,杏仁

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