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Start Your World Journey at LOCK CHUCK

Controversy says that residing in a metropolis like our city can guarantee convenience whilst stunting creativity. Looking back at how we started our business, our brightest ideas came during times when we escaped our home and got lost amongst unfamiliar streets. We still vividly recall our transfer at Dubai Airport during our journey to Copenhagen; a time where we were impressed by a French coffee shop, Le Pain Quotidien, which featured a communal table. Even as we stood at a gateway busy with multiplicity, it was difficult not to feel isolated. The magic of this long, communal table was more adept than the airplane itself to bring people together. New friendships blossomed, sips of coffee were shared and chatter echoed. It was that moment where our store floor plan was drafted, one that intended to draw in diversity under one roof, and around one table.

Whilst recognising our luck to get exposure to unique cultures, we are thirsty to show you how infinite the world is. Proud to be one of the most diverse places in town, we source every worldly item that has impressed us and present it in our Guangzhou shop with sheer appreciation. We have never felt closer to our favourite city, The Big Apple, as we brew New York style coffee thanks to our friends at Irving Farm. This time around, two more fascinating places are within your reach, as new single origin beans, Ricardo Tavares from Brazil and Guadalupe from El Salvador, are on offer. The tales of how these two family-run farms have kept their century-old tradition whilst adopting new methods to thrive in a modern world are incredibly warming. Stop by and grab a cup. Our wonderful staff will share with you the story behind such wonders.

Start your world journey at Lock Chuck and let your next bout of inspiration come in, and from, a cup of our single origin coffee. Limited offer. Catch them before they are gone.

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