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Let the summer carnival begin


The notorious tropical weather shows no mercy to the citizens of this unique city.

Getting wet is a guarantee, either by the unexpected downpours or the trickling sweat provoked by the sun’s rays. As the metropolitans around the world are enjoying the extra sunshine with laughter and beer, rising higher to meet fireworks dancing through the air, curious eyes are lighting up. Ours, sadly to say, are lit only by the dull glow of mobile phone screens.

There may be an abundance of reasons out there, but none of them can quite justify the absence of summer festivity. With our renowned energy, we are delighted to announce the opening of our summer house project – Pop Up Pub – at our home on Xiniu Lu. Our refreshing Gin & Tonic, featuring Napue Gin hailing from Finland, where excitement has reached its crest, is now available during those warm weekday nights, and all-day-long on the weekend.

Metropolitan life is mesmerizing; our city is where the carnival takes place. Aren’t you ecstatic to get one more summer secret? Tell your friends, not your mums. Summer at Lock Chuck has never been more exciting.



纵有千千万万个理由,也不能为缺席夏日的狂欢辩解。你知道,我们从来都是旋转跳跃不停歇,热情比气温更高。我们难抑兴奋之情宣布夏天限定企划Pop Up Pub今天正式在犀牛路开放。精选来自芬兰的Napue Gin为你手工创作一系列清新沁醒的Gin Tonic,工作日的晚间和周末全天,和芬兰的朋友一样,让Napue Gin把夏日的狂欢推向高潮。

大都会生活是如此引人入胜,我们的城市就是嘉年华的主会场。得知这个秘密,难道你不顿时来电?告诉你朋友,不要告诉你妈妈。夏天在LOCK CHUCK,高潮停不下来。

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