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Summer Exclusive: Pop Up Pub

The summer is now in full swing, and again our social media accounts are drenched with complaint. The weather, however, doesn’t listen with a sympathetic ear. Is it really the worst season of the year? Do you remember making the same remarks when the bitter winter arrived abruptly, too?

Let’s take ourselves to Sweden. The barbeque is firing up, sprinklers splash water in every direction, and the mood is nothing but one of elation; all celebrations intermix and explode through the air. It is Midsummer; local people all over the country are taking advantage of the extra hours of daylight by spending all their time outdoors.

Contagious cheer spreads around our world. We miss New York, where we enjoyed daylight until late evening by grabbing our water guns to connect with the frenzied citizens in Central Park. We miss Amsterdam, and the last sunlight that kissed oweur skin as we sat along the canal for a spot of dinner. Finally, we miss Tokyo’s riverbanks, the sharp feeling of cold beer against our hands, and the utter amazement of how fireworks could dance across the night sky with such elegance.

How can we let our city become isolated from such enchanting celebration? Creatives, students, businesspeople, locals, travellers; people of the world, welcome to Pop-Up Pub: a summer house presented by Lock Chuck at our shop on Xiniu Lu. With refreshing cocktails on ice, featuring our Napue Gin from Kyro Distillery, Finland, it is the perfect summer experience. Come and give yourselves a sunshine boost and let us help you lift your spirits to their highest. Embody the world’s celebrations, and feel the energy of the people across all oceans.

Tell your friends, not your moms. Embrace summer festivity at LOCK CHUCK.


Summer Exclusive

Pop Up Pub

Presented by LOCK CHUCK

July 10 – September 10, 2017

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