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One Year, in Touch

We are turning one!

During the past year, we have extended our welcome to reach out to people like you, bringing everyone under the same roof. Remember when we dressed up and gave LC a spooky-tacular Halloween night? Or when we rang the bells and baked cookies under the bristling Christmas tree? LOCK CHUCK is a place where we have found a sense of belonging. You love us. We love you more.


在过去的一年,我们用最友好的微笑触及每一个像你一样的人,在同一个屋檐下拥抱。还记得我们一起鬼怪装扮,万圣节的LOCK CHUCK尖叫连连?我们一起沐浴着圣诞树洒下的闪闪星光,一起做曲奇饼,让铃儿响叮当的钟声飘扬?一年时间,书写同一份记忆。归属感让LOCK CHUCK成为你我共同的家。你爱我们。我们爱你更多。

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