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One Year, on the Edge

We are turning one!

During the past year, we have continuously integrated different cultures, from New York, where we have our beans roasted, to Kyoto, where our matcha is hand crafted, to Amsterdam, a city that offers the inspiration for our storefront. We are always pushing the limits to be truly global in all aspects.

Being open-minded and  welcoming diversity, we are truly glad that we can become part of what leads the cultural change in town.


Thank you for putting us here. Please join in our One Year Anniversary Party and celebrate with us at LOCK CHUCK COFFEE on March 25 at 20.00. In love and coffee, we believe. 





万分感谢你的支持。敬请参加我们的一周年派对,与我们一同举杯。3月25日晚8点 LOCK CHUCK COFFEE,我们等你。爱和咖啡,我们始终坚信。

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