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Happy One Year Anniversary

A year of coffee, learning, and growing.

It almost seems like yesterday when we first opened up LOCK CHUCK COFFEE. But believe it or not, we will soon be marking our 1st anniversary. For the past year, we have been excited and honored to have had the opportunity to lead the new and ever changing cultural scene in Guangzhou, a city we call home. We welcomed the change and embraced different kinds of cultures flooding in.

Your support has made a difference. We may be a young and growing hub, but we are overwhelmed by all the love we have received from you. Good coffee, wonderful smiles and vibrant vibes have created the LC community that is today, to which so many people feel a belonging.

Come meet us this month. We have surprises in store.




你们的支持也推动着变化发生。我们仍然是一个年轻的,成长中的社区,但是却收到了来自你们如同潮水般的爱。好的咖啡,棒棒的微笑,活泼的环境让LOCK CHUCK成为你们的家


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