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Thank you for putting us here. The Cafe of the Year.

We are incredibly humbled to be awarded “Cafe of the Year” by @thatsprd this year. The only words we could come up with are “thank you all.”

LOCK CHUCK began from the seed of connecting different cultures and people. As a cultural embassy, we are not just composed of team members from different cities around the world (New York, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Barcelona, just to name a few), but we also stock a series of global artworks that impress us.

Even though we have been open for less than a year, we have already become a topic among your friends. Compromising on details was never a choice. We proudly brew Irving Farm, one of the most beloved coffee shops in New York City and we keep sourcing the very best ingredients. It’s here in store where you can appreciate not only the flavor in your cup but also the craft and graft behind the cup. We keep challenging ourselves to break the record we set for ourselves, and we hold ourselves responsible and accountable to inspire more of you to make a change and discover the hidden potential within you.

We proudly make LOCK CHUCK a community for people who are open minded and embrace higher living standard. Come see for yourselves. Magic surely happen behind our good coffee and wonderful smiles.


我们受宠若惊地被@thatsprd 杂志评选为年度咖啡店。听到这个消息,我们能够说出的只有“谢谢”。

LOCK CHUCK萌芽于一颗小小的种子,那就是连接不同的文化和人们。作为一个文化交流大使馆,我们不仅仅骄傲于我们的团队来自五湖四海 (纽约,洛杉矶,雅加达,巴塞罗那还有更多更多),我们也骄傲的收藏并向你呈现打动过我们的艺术家作品。

即便我们开放尚未足一年,我们已经成为你和你朋友谈论的话题。在细节上妥协从来不是我们的选项。我们骄傲地为你制作纽约最受欢迎的咖啡-Irving Farm。我们从未停止探索的步伐为你搜寻最优的配料。在LOCK CHUCK,你不仅仅可以赞叹你杯中的口味,更可赞叹在这一杯饮品背后汗水和手工艺的结晶。我们一直打破我们创造的记录,挑战更高一阶,同时一直谨记我们的社会责任-那就是鼓舞和激励越来越多像你这样的年轻人探索隐藏在你身体内部的潜能,从而做出下一个改变。

我们超级自豪地让LOCK CHUCK成为心胸开放,愿意接受不同,拥抱更好生活品质的人们的聚集地。亲身体验,魔术在我们好的咖啡和棒棒的微笑中发生。


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