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Mannequin Challenge LOCK CHUCK version

#MannequinChallenge LOCK CHUCK Edition. As one of the most chic and friendly teams out there, how could we miss out the fun? Here we present to you, our own take of the Mannequin Challenge. Along with the participation of some guests, we had so much fun making this! Stop by LOCK CHUCK! You never know when you could be featured in one of our next “productions”! #LCXMAS Video by our fantastic barista @williamsaimin

#假人挑战 LOCK CHUCK版本

作为全城最潮最友好的团队,我们怎能错过任何一个好玩的新鲜事物?现在你看到的就是风靡全球的#假人挑战 LOCK CHUCK 版本!现在就来LOCK CHUCK,你根本就预料不到下一次你就被邀请参与我们大作的制作中。

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