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Join in Our Free Coffee Tasting Workshop

What pops up in your head when you hear about the mysterious African continent and the spectacular Central America? We are not going to talk about the intricacies of the politics (Even the most manipulable diplomat would find it super complicated. ) Let’s put it simple here. They are both god-blessed land that grow the natural wonder that boosts up your day-to-day routines.

Our partner Irving Farm keeps traveling around these continents and source the very best coffee beans. The passion and dedication behind the delicate process is especially valued. We proudly serve you the beans roasted in New York. You can appreciate mother nature’s blessing right here in Guangzhou .

We proudly introduce our two new single origin beans, Kenya and Costa Rica, to you. Either you are a fan of the juicy, pineapple, grapefruit flavor or for floral, sweet taste, we got you covered.

We are always enthusiastic about opening the door to the infinite world to you. We organize a coffee tasting for these new beans. Besides, you will learn how to brew your own cup of coffee, bringing out all the flavor. Let love and passion rule.

Date November 4th 2016 19:00-20:00
Free admission
Sign up now (leave your name and telephone number) to enjoy your privilege. 30% off on the beans.


说到神秘的非洲大陆和壮阔的中美洲,你会想到什么?在这里,我们不打算讨论它们错综复杂的政治 (即便是最有经验的外交官亦觉得难以解决)。让问题简单一点,它们都是承蒙大自然赐福的宝地,它们哺育了让我们每一天活力加满的大自然奇迹 – 咖啡豆。

我们的合作伙伴Irving Farm持续探访这两个大陆,以最大的热情精挑细选每一颗最好的咖啡豆。我们骄傲地为你奉上来自纽约烘焙的咖啡。现在在广州,你也可以和我们一起感叹大自然母亲给我们带来的奇迹。



时间 2016年11月4日 (星期五)晚上7:00-8:00

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