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Stay intrigued, stay wild with LOCK CHUCK

Even though we pair ‘spooky’ with Halloween, it is more of a carnival, a escape from being ourselves. We still remember our fantastic halloween party from last Saturday. On this day, you have plenty of reasons to dress up as anyone you like, be it a super hero or a nasty zombie.

As much as we enjoyed the party, we still need to take off the costume and turn back to our routine tomorrow. There always seems to be an unseen cage that confines us with our broken wings. 

Saving the world seems like a slogan only seen on children’s comics. However, saving you from a boring life is the real deal. Did you know that most of our teammates have made life-changing decisions? Did you know one of them quit a high-paying and stable salary from a nationally-owned company with a PhD degree? Did you know one of them left one of the most admirable city, Los Angeles, to come back here, stepping into this small and not-yet-mature hospitality service? 

We were inspired and we continue paving our own paths according to the way we were born.  Take a break for a cup of coffee with us. See how we intrigue you to make the next change.

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