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Spring blossoms at LOCK CHUCK

Spring is always poetic and romantic. Each year at this time, we fly to Kyoto, a city that tracks its season by looking outside the window rather than at a calendar. The pink and white Sakura blossoms permeate the air with sweetness and hope.

We also make a detour to Tokyo, where fashion is a serious matter. Not only does it shape the current generation, but also reflects the change of season. The professional editors are now showcasing what the “hit” is, which combines beauty and utility. Spring can be felt and seen in this amazing city.

Fashion changes. Style endures. The transience of nature forms the philosophy of the Japanese, to live with the season. Even though living in a city which literally skips spring , we eat, drink, dress and celebrate with season, just like what we see in Japan. Life is too short. Each moment is worthy of recording.

We welcome you to LOCK CHUCK to feel Spring. New drinks roll out. A Sakura Latte, in which real sakura flowers from Japan blossom in your cup, brings you an authentic spring flavor. A White Chocolate Matcha Latte, in which Fukujuen matcha is adopted to pay an homage to the craftsmanship of Kyoto, pairs with the season perfectly.

Seasons change quickly, as do our seasonal specials. You don’t want to miss any of it, do you?




春天的气息在LOCK CHUCK弥漫,季节限定现已上市。不要错过樱花拿铁,在你的杯中,来自日本的樱花灿烂绽放;还有白巧克力抹茶拿铁,选用京都福寿园的顶级抹茶,向270年的匠人精神致敬。

春天艳如花卉,但限时美丽。LOCK CHUCK见。

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