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Love Is Being TWOgether

Is love simple? Not necessarily. After enduring so many un-replied messages, reading stacks of tragedies and listening the songs of crying hearts, ‘every heart break just makes it hard to keep the faith’.

But to us, a simple idea was planted in our heart along our global explorations. Inspiration found us on our last day in Amsterdam when we felt so sad to say good bye to this lovely city soon. Our last dinner was in a local bistro. The smiling faces on servants didn’t make us feel better. An old couple popped in by accidence, hand in hand, dressed up just like it was their first date. Before being seated, the gentleman said ‘Can we have a window table? We like being watched.’ The lady at his side couldn’t help but laugh, a splash of redness climbing to her cheek. It’s difficult not to be touched by this moment, which reminded us that love is actually all around us.

How could we hide our love after witnessing and receiving so much love? This February marks Lock Chuck’s 2nd Anniversary. Every time we mark our to-go cup with ‘coffee with love’, we mean it. Love is about being together and we’ve been a home for the people who are open minded and brave enough to express their love and to get together.

Feel the love and enjoy the love. Love wins.



见证了,收获了如此多的爱,我们又如何能够不传播爱?这个二月亦是我们开放2周年的纪念月。每一次在打包杯上写下’Coffee with love’的时候,我们把最真挚的感情落在笔尖。爱是心和心贴在一起。在过去的两年时间,我们变成了一个家,让本来彼此陌生却又真诚,心胸开放的人们把心凝聚在一起。

爱,在身边,在LOCK CHUCK。发现爱,付出爱。爱,始终都在。

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