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Lucky food. Lucky words. And a lucky year.

Chinese New Year is all about food. Forget about your rigid calorie calculator. You know your mom is always good at breaking it.

A whole fish always dominates the dining table, as the Chinese word for fish (yú) sounds like the word for surplus, signifying you’ll have plenty of riches. Likewise, dumplings (YES, dumplings, AGAIN!) are an auspicious dish because they are said to look like silver ingots. It’s all about the money, honey. Orange Trees, the Chinese version of Christmas tree, are a must for decoration, as the Chinese New Year saying goes Dai Gat Dai Lei (Gat is pronounced like LUCK or ORANGE), which literally means the bigger the orange it is, the bigger the fortune can it bring. Peppers are also hung in the air, as the spicy flavor indicates the coming year will be Hung Hung Fo Fo, as prosperous as the flames.

In LOCK CHUCK, we bring the long held tradition alive. Three new drinks, Ginger Latte, Orange Mocha, and Sea Salt Caramel Latte, all coming under the name of blessings, are now out. A peach flower tree is now blossoming happily in the house. Faa Hoi Fu Gwai, when it is fully blossoming, good wealth will come along the way. Our fantastic artists William and Picasso also worked creatively to present us a new appearance.

Traditions see people visiting family and friends to wish them luck and prosperity for the year to come. Come by and say hello. We wish you a lucky and prosperous year of the dog.



在LOCK CHUCK,我们坚持让传统焕发新意。3款福气满满的新年限定饮品热辣辣上市:红红火火姜母拿铁,大吉大利橙皮摩卡,金玉满堂海盐焦糖拿铁。花开富贵,一棵桃花树正在绽放着夺目色彩;我们两位年轻艺术家:来自印尼的William和本土的Picasso再次联手将隆重热闹的中国年味在LOCK CHUCK呈现。

在一年中最喜庆的时刻,与你的亲友约在LOCK CHUCK见面。我们衷心祝愿你狗年大旺。

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