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Catch Up with the Season

Last winter, Prof. Roger Connah from the United Kingdom, a specialist in fashion and architecture, came to visit us. He had been invited to Guangdong University of Technology, as a visiting professor. His project was an interesting one, involving the composition of a fashion index that tracked the change of fashion in Guangzhou.

Coincidentally, we had just returned from a small stint in Tokyo, bringing back the book ‘What’s Next? Tokyo Culture Story’ to pile onto our communal table. The book records the fashion and culture change in Tokyo during the past forty years as presented by the iconic Beams, one of the most famous Japanese fashion brands.

A small, shared coffee moment expanded into several unnoticed hours talking about this topic enthusiastically. We, however, believe that such a job would be too difficult in our city. There are few who are dedicated to creating and thus helping build this aesthetic-sense among locals. Here, we once again pay our great homage to fashion pioneers in Tokyo; from brands, to magazines, to bloggers. A city that embraces fashion will stay alive forever.

We, on the one hand, thrive from learning from the big names. On the other, we relentlessly promote a unique sense of fashion in our city. We are keen on the classics. That is why we serve our iconic espresso roasted by our New York friends, Irving Farm, all year round. We also welcome the quirky novelties. Special seasonal drinks are now on offer: Sea Salt Caramel Latte, Pumpkin Latte and Black Sesame Latte. Limited offer. Grab them before they step down from our stage.

去年冬天,我们认识了一位来自英国的Roger Connah教授。受到广东工业大学的邀请,他前来担任客座教授。他的研究领域是时尚和建筑。他在广州的研究项目之一非常有趣:编写一本时尚索引,记录广州时尚的改变。

巧合的是,我们刚从东京回来,带回了一本《‘What’s Next? Tokyo Culture Story’》。这本书由日本最出名的时尚品牌之一Beams编写,记录了过去40年来东京时尚和文化的改变。


我们虔诚,谦卑地向这些推动潮流发展的巨擘学习,在学习中不断成长,同时努力推动这座城市对美的认知。我们致敬经典,全年热情为您呈现备受纽约客熟悉和喜爱的Irving Farm Espresso;我们还乐此不疲地尝试新想法新概念。秋风扬起,限定饮品再次登场:海盐焦糖拿铁,黄琴琴南瓜拿铁,黑掹掹芝麻拿铁。我们跨越重洋,精选静冈县产的海盐,北海道产的南瓜,香川县产的黑芝麻。从一杯咖啡,触摸远方的心跳。期间限定。在他们退出时尚舞台之前,尽情享用。

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