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Where does your world end? Some ground themselves in the familiar, whilst others challenge themselves to discover the most outlandish of places.

The more you open your eyes to the world, the greater difference you are going to make. It was during our first visit to Vienna that we made up our mind to open a coffee shop. Coffee shops spilled onto the streets in every corner of the city, some inspiring big literary names of centuries ago, those writers offering newer perspectives to the young generations. A seed was planted; a sip of coffee inspired many.

Our sense of wonder about this infinite world never wanes, itchy feet continuously whisper to set off on our next trip. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard! Lock Chuck is here to take you across vast oceans and expose you to the most authentic of cultures.


The world contains very few places that could integrate so much diversity within such a small space, from top French cuisine restaurants to the shining billboards occupying Broadway Avenue to the coolest guys dancing to boombox beats. Diversity spoils the New Yorkers who hold strict standards. It is here that our friend, Irving Farm, who roasts our coffee beans, was born. Undergoing the most fierce competition, their flavour has won the hearts of the New York locals. We are sure it will capture yours, too.
Sales all year round.



We set ourselves apart from others by interweaving a strand of energetic hospitality into our DNA. But, at the same time, we inherit our sense of humbleness from Tokyo. Omotenashi, a word used to describe the spirit of Japanese hospitality and careful attention to detail, is the biggest lesson we have learnt on our Lock Chuck journey. We continue to source the very best items from this city, from iconic magazine series that foster Japanese aesthetics, to handcrafted matcha from a family-run teahouse, Fukujuen, dating back three centuries ago.
Sales all year round.


From Sunset Boulevard to Santa Monica, this stretch of coastland seems more and more blessed by Mother Nature; with every inch of it infused with radiant sunshine all year round. Our one time visit has turned into a life-long memory. Let us introduce to you our summer special Valencia Coffee, with Valencia oranges grown lovingly on this land. The perfect, juxtaposing blend of sharp sweetness dances on your tongue with our iconic espresso, which will almost certainly take you to the blowing winds of the North Pacific Ocean.

Sales ends on 8th October 2017


Our fantastic photographers, William and Keke, recently came to visit us from Jakarta and brought with them some local sugar: Java Sugar. They told us that a lot of coffee shops serve their latte with Java Sugar, and we were so astounded by the tropical flavours that we cannot help but to share them with you in a new special drink, our Java Sugar Latte.

Limited offer.

Sales between 1st October – 7th October 2017

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