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back to school

Where does your best memory take you? Playing childhood games with your closest friend? The first time you took a leap and travelled to a foreign land? No matter how many successes you hold dear in life, the most glistening memories will always transport you back to your school days.

Glance back in time and recall your first crush; the purposeful detouring in order to bypass their classroom, just to increase the chances of an accidental encounter. Your first basketball championship, and the teammates you cheered with. Injury seemed miniscule compared to the glory. Or, maybe that final exam you had to cram for. Despite time running out on you, dedication to your studies prevailed.

We can just as easily remember the time we planned our second trip to Amsterdam. A newly opened hotel, The Student Hotel, attracted our attention for many reasons. Our stay there proved to be a memorable one, one that gathered a host of travelers who remained students at heart.

The curious amongst us, then, continue to be students; those that strive to know more, see more, do more. Being a student is not a privilege, however. Be simple, be energetic, be romantic, be idealistic, and you are most of the way there. In the Back to School season, we pay homage to the great American Colleges. Stop by and let us make you nostalgic for that golden time.

LOCK CHUCK back-to-school Collection under the collaboration with our favorite local young artist Picasso is to launch. From iPhone case to tote bag to pins. Proudly work

Come by, say hello, grab a coffee and take the limited items home.



回忆一个个精彩的片段,我们想起第二次造访阿姆斯特丹的时刻。因为名字的原因而特地挑选的一家酒店The Student Hotel给我们留下深刻的印象,这家酒店聚集了很多像我们一样,内心仍旧是学生的游客。

心中充满好奇的人就一直都是学生,他们总是孜孜不倦地想要知道更多,看到更多,做到更多。当然,成为学生并不是专享的特权。只需要简单一点,充满活力一点,浪漫一点,理想一点,然后你就发现,自己还是一个学生。九月开学季,我们致敬美国传奇高校。现在就来LOCK CHUCK,让我们勾引起你脑海中的黄金时代。

LOCK CHUCK重返校园限定企划即将上线。


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