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Summer Essentials

Despite the constant complaints about Guangzhou’s melting temperatures, we know deep down that the citizens really do enjoy the heat. The temptation of diving into a cool swimming pool; hedonistically devouring a dollop of ice cream or indulging the sun-lit evenings is just too sweet to resist. Summer is the sexiest season in the year.

However, being sexy is not easy. Have you seen the athletes proudly showing off their muscles in their tank tops? Hot weather only serves to boost their adrenaline, rather than deterring their passion for working out.

Being sexy is almost a professional job. Rule number one: apply sun cream. Rule number two: don your favourite sunglasses. Forget reaching for a sugary drink, even the extra heat cannot help you to burn all the calories. Follow the chic guys, head to Lock Chuck and grab yourself an iced coffee. With our iconic espresso full of sweet floral and lemony tones, mixed together with solid ice cubes, you are guaranteed to be refreshed right away. (Good news is Valencia Coffee comes back on our menu. Fresh orange mixes Espresso. The memorizing flavor also comes from its smooth bubbles layers on the top.)

Summer is the best time to people-watch. Make sure you also attract curious eyes.

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