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Enjoy the Fresh Flavor of Spring in Kyoto

In Kyoto, you don’t need to depend on a calendar to tell you the time as nature does its job perfectly. Spring steps into the city as the cherry blossom enters its full swing. For the past four years, we welcome the coming of spring in Kyoto.

Even though we have been to Kyoto many times, the city still continues surprising and delighting us. Times change while the way of processing food also changes. On our first visit to Kyoto, we were lucky to come across Fukujuen, one of the longest running tea houses in Japan, and we were impressed by their delicate techniques for a bowl of matcha.

We hereby began serving matcha along with ceramics hand made in Kyoto; this is how we pay our tribute to this ancient city.

The latest batch of matcha has arrived. Come get one and enjoy the fresh flavor of Spring in Kyoto.




最新一批的抹茶现已新鲜到港。在LOCK CHUCK,用一杯京都的抹茶迎接春天。

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