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CNY holiday drink to launch

Though there’s still two more weeks to go until the upcoming Chinese New Year, we can’t wait any longer to send you our best wishes: Gong Hey Fat Choy!

It’s a festival about family gatherings and spread of happiness. We still remember when we were children, how our parents taught us a lot about the customs of sending new year’s wishes to the elders. At the time, it was all about getting that Hong Bao (lucky money), but as we step into the adult age and take on the responsibility of looking after our families, we now better understand why the traditions matter.

We are to unveil the gift we have prepared for you for this Chinese New Year: three CNY special drinks.(Can you guess one of them from the photos? The first one who answers correctly will get a free drink on us) Your mom treats you to home comfort food with love while we treat you to good coffee with no less love.

Happy Chinese New Year.



现在来到LOCK CHUCK,拆开我们为你送出的节日惊喜:三款限定的春节特饮。(看着封面图片,能猜出其中一款是什么吗?第一个回答正确的朋友将获赠免费一杯。)你妈妈已经用爱为你张罗节日的大餐,我们也用着同样的爱为你准备这一次的节日咖啡。


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