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2017 New Year Party

Be it a year of triumph or one of defeat, here comes the time to turn a new leaf. We might have done the same thing year after year: popping the cork off a bottle of champagne and celebrating with our loved ones. With hope in mind, the best is always yet to come.

Get ready to experience a different kind of countdown, as we organize the one and only New Year’s Eve Party. Yes, right here at our store. Come join us as we cheer on together to greet the New Year. Who to better celebrate it with than us, the crazy peeps?! Let us toast with champagne, get tipsy with cocktails, and stay up late with the right energy with our iconic coffees, after all, how could you start off the year sleeping? Leave that to the rest of the year!

We will also get connected to different corners of the world, literally, and we’ll also do hands on fun activities that will surely prep you for the new beginning. Share your excitement with amazing people from around the world and send your wishes.




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