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LOCK CHUCK Halloween Party万圣节派对

Did you know that we are located on a tranquil street grasped by the darkest nights, and creeped by flickering lights escaping from the nearby windows? We are the only one running business at night on this street. Deep into the darkness, there’s a door with a warning sign ‘Monsters Behind’ painted on, so creeped that no one has ever dared to open. Rumor has it that unthinkable gory creatures live behind that door. Who will be bold enough to open it?

LOCK CHUCK Halloween Party

Time 6pm-midnight 29th October 2016 (Saturday)

Dress code: Smoky eyes, goofy eyes, patched eyes, four-eyed…just no sleepy eyes. Dress as you may, the person with the best costume will enjoy free coffee for the upcoming week!

Walk-in acceptable.

Business hour extends to Mid-night. You are in no hurry to bed. Neither are we.


吞噬,只有点点依稀的灯光艰难地从附近的窗户逃出。我们是这条小路唯一开放的店铺。在黑暗的深处,有一扇门被喷上‘Monsters Behind’的警告,至今无人敢推开。传言是嗜血的怪物藏在背后。你,足够胆大推开它吗?


时间: 2016年10月29日 (星期六)晚上6点-深夜

着装指引: 烟熏的眼,鼓起的眼,布满血丝的眼,4只眼,就是不要沉睡的眼。尽可能发挥你的想象,竞选当晚最佳着装,未来一周的咖啡,我们买单



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