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Welcome to Join the 1st Ever MoBike City Tour

When we designed our shop, Amsterdam was one of our main sources of inspiration. The dynamic vibe, the free spirited minds, and the active lifestyle encouraged us to bring bits and pieces back to our hometown.

What impressed us most were the bicycles that were at every turn of the corner of the city. It’s not rare to see people in suits cycling for work. Active and stylish, there is nothing more attractive than becoming part of the scenery in an ever evolving cityscape. We hereby hang a bike in our store, paying tribute to our Amsterdam memories.

Cycling may not be popular in town, even though it is a flexible means of transportation that allows you to avoid being stuck on the road. Don’t just blame the people though, since it is the city that hasn’t considered special treatments for the cyclists. As we always put it, the city is taking on new changes. Have you seen the orange bikes docking across town in just an overnight? You may wonder what it’s about.

LOCK CHUCK welcomes MoBike to join Guangzhou where we are based. With simple steps on the app, you can rent one anytime, anywhere. Let’s paint the city orange. We have always tried playing the role as a trend leader, and this time is no exception. Let us embrace novelty, active life, and healthy choices. As we launch 1st ever Mobike Mob Ride this Saturday, join us, and let us mob the town with our MoBikes. See you there!

Time: 10am Saturday 10/29 (will be rescheduled in case of rain)

Meetup Location: Huaxia Lu next to the Guangzhou Opera House

Arrive with Mobike

Up goes your adrenaline; down goes our price. For those who complete the tour, claim you RMB 6 discount on selected items*.

* selected items include Espresso, Americano, Latte, Japanese Milk Tea





LOCK CHUCK热烈欢迎摩拜单车来到广州。仅需在手机上简单的几步操作,你可以随时随地租用一辆。让我们把这座城市粉刷成热情的橙色!我们一直努力成为这座城市新的风潮的引领者,这次也不例外。让我们张开双臂,拥抱新奇,动感,健康的大都会生活。我们将会在本周六组织一场摩拜单车城市骑行。摄影师,飞机航拍都出现。加入我们,让我们用摩拜单车横扫广州。城市新风尚,你我一起创造。

时间:2016年10月29日 星期六 上午10点 (如遇下雨天气,将会改期)






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