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Seasons Change. Our Love for You Does Not.

Even though summer has retreated, there’s still something hot and steamy going on. Take the debate about which is the best season in town. Up until now, autumn takes the lead. 

There’s little excuse to not appreciate the season. The city is becoming more charming by the day. See, who could resist the easy breezy outdoors? Who could still stay in bed while groups of active runners and bikers congregate in town? Most importantly, who could despise the elegant silhouettes of the up and coming fashion trends? The charm of the summer is still ongoing while the cool weather starts to sweep us off our feet. 

We appreciate the classics yet we always keep an open mind to embrace novelty. Whether the weather is hot or cold, we continue to brew our iconic espresso no matter what. However, we relentlessly work to update our menu to satisfy the picky ones like you (It’s a compliment, it implies that you have good taste and high standards.) As we continue to spoil you, what comes next after our summer special? It’s the season of pumpkins and chestnuts, paired with our iconic espresso and crowned with fresh whipped cream. Aren’t we the sweetest?

Again, season changes quickly. So does our autumn special. Come grab yours before they are gone, and trust us, they do go quick!







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