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Enjoy your student privilege: pay less, drink more and discover more

Yes, you have been told many times that after you leave school, you will miss the days of being a student. You may not treat it seriously, but the truth is, we all miss the days when we could make mistakes without worrying about the consequences. You don’t like taking exams? Come on, there’s no cheat sheet after you take on a job. Besides, being a student means you can stay caught up to all the latest movies releases without worrying about your monthly budget, as there always seems to be generous discounts available for you.

No matter whether you are a freshman in your first year or a senior in your final year, cheer up. There may never seems to be enough time for you to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. But right here in LOCK CHUCK, did you know that the latest Japanese fashion magazines are within your reach? Did you know that you didn’t need to cross the Pacific Ocean just so you could be greeted by the Statue of Liberty? Did you know that Guangzhou is taking on a new face and the creatives who lead these changes are clustering here?

Let your curiosity lead you us. Enjoy your students’ privilege: Buy one and get the second one half off. Available only this weekend.

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不管你是一年级新生还是最后一年的资深师兄师姐,振作起来,因为毕业了之后,你再也没有足够的时间满足你对新鲜事物的渴望。你知道吗,在LOCK CHUCK,你可以接触到最新的日本殿堂级潮流杂志;无需跨越太平洋,亦能和自由女神打招呼;你还可以看到广州正在发生新的变化,而这些引领这些变化的创意者们都纷纷集中在这里。



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