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The coffee your friends are talking about.

We take it upon ourselves to relentlessly show you the how limitless the world is. Did you know that each drop of your coffee has traveled at least half of the hemisphere to reach you? That’s the magic of the LOCK CHUCK connection.

Boarding time again. This time around, we are taking you to the mysterious Southern America and Africa. Ladies and gentlemen, please head towards LOCK CHUCK and board accordingly. Limited offer. Catch them before they are gone.


Konga, Ethiopia


In February of this year, our partner Irving Farm was able to visit Konga and they talked to several farmers who were positively impacted by the direct trade, and they noted that it’s providing incentive for younger people to put more pride into their farming heritage. They also learned about a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony in which friends and family gather three times a day to discuss their issues and concerns, each time drinking three cups of coffee—one for the host, one for family, and one for country. They claim that this is the reason Ethiopian society doesn’t have mental hospitals or psychiatrists.


Los Lirios, Honduras


In 2011, Jose Luis Rivera entered the annual competition at Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL) which gives farmers a chance to showcase their specialty lots and catch the attention of international buyers. His luscious, juicy coffee earned second place (after Plantanares, another favorite in the Irving Farm catalogue) and we have been a fan ever since.Named after the lilies planted across the farm where Jose Luis lives with his wife, this year’s Los Lirios is showing a pronounced vibrancy, full-on cola acidity and plum-like sweetness, despite the colder weather they had which can sometimes pose problems for drying the coffee.

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