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Happy Together

Love doesn’t come in just one form.

How many times have we heard the phrase “opposite attract”? And yet again and again, scientists have disproven it, and claim that in fact, “similar attract.”

Whether it’s the most obvious pairing, like matcha and white chocolate, or the most unlikely one, like sea salt and caramel, we celebrate the fireworks that come from all kinds of matches, because after all, only when you try it will you know how well they complement each other.

This Valentine’s Day, let us be bold, be together, and be in love.


LOCK CHUCK Valentine’s Special Drinks. Handmade with love!

Matcha White Chocolate RMB 48

Sea Salt Caramel Latte RMB 48

Share your “Happy Together” story below in our comment section*. The three comments that get the most likes, each can enjoy 1 Valentine’s Special Drinks on the house.

* till 23:59pm 13th February 2017






LOCK CHUCK 情人节限定饮品甜蜜上市

抹茶白巧克力  RMB 48

海盐焦糖拿铁  RMB 48

LOCK CHUCK爱和你在一起。在评论中分享你的在一起的故事,故事获赞最多的3位朋友,第一杯情人节限定饮品,我们买单*。在一起,就是最好的。


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